Board Spotlight: Robyn Wosnack

September 7, 2022

Robyn Wosnack, Senior Financing Specialist, Real Estate at RBC Royal Bank

I work with colleagues and clients to prepare credit requests for new real estate financing, as well as analyze financial information for annual client reviews. I have also worked in real estate account management and commercial mortgage lending in my 17 years with RBC.

I am the President-Elect for CREW.

What was your path to joining CREW and what has been the biggest benefit of being a part of the organization?

My colleague and fellow CREW member, Marlene Aasen, introduced me to CREW about 10 years ago. I was approached by one of the past presidents to get more involved and have volunteered on the membership, sponsorship, and education committees.

The biggest benefit to joining CREW has been getting to know so many successful, strong women on a professional and personal level, who share a passion for commercial real estate and who I know will have my back when I need it.

Why did you to take your involvement in CREW to the next level?

Getting involved on committees and making it a priority to attend CREW events is the best way to develop deeper relationships, build trust, and get to know fellow members on a more intimate level.

What are the elements of working in the Commercial Real Estate Industry that excite you the most?

We are fortunate to work with some of the most successful and interesting clients in our industry. The most exciting days are meeting our clients to tour their properties or show homes. You get a real sense for a person or their company by being surrounded by something they had a hand in creating.

Tell us about your greatest professional achievement to-date.

Maybe not my greatest, but one of the most memorable has to be working with our clients through the early days of COVID. There were so many unknowns and we managed to reach out to all our clients and walk them through very individual solutions and to reassure each other (because we all needed it at the time!) that we would get through whatever this “COVID” thing was. Because of this, we developed much deeper relationships and a better understanding of what makes us all tick.

How are members of CREW impacting the Commercial Real Estate network and elevating our industry?

CREW members are doing so many amazing things! We are taking brave steps away from established companies to start our own. We are accepting speaking engagements on panels and to Chair the Edmonton Real Estate Forum. We are acting as mentors and subject matter experts to young students just learning about the industry. We are taking the reins of family-run businesses. It’s incredibly exciting and rewarding to see fellow CREW members succeed the way they have!

Share one (or two) pieces of advice for how to build a successful career or achieve a challenging professional goal.

Attend events, ask questions, get involved with industry groups like CREW, and seek out a mentor. That’s more than one or two, but all are equally important.