Sponsor Spotlight: Swainson Miki Peskett LLP

May 19, 2022

Sponsor Spotlight: Swainson Miki Peskett LLP

Swainson Miki Peskett LLP's CRE group provides a full range of services in all facets of commercial real estate. Whether you are a buyer or seller, landlord or tenant, lender or borrower, we have the skills and knowledge that will help you accomplish your goals efficiently and effectively.
What drew you to sponsor CREW:
Swainson Miki Peskett LLP's CRE practitioners know the challenges women face in this industry and are extremely fortunate to be able to support CREW and their efforts to combat these challenges, provide meaningful opportunities and encourage diversity and inclusion within the CRE industry. 
Tell us about a project, program, or initiative…
Swainson Miki Peskett LLP is working on community outreach in 2022 with a focus on female-owned businesses. Our work will include educational materials, open house Q & As, and an emphasis on helpful multi-media content for small/medium-sized business owners.