Leadership Spotlight: Alison Hansen-Carlson

August 25, 2021

Alison Hansen-Carlson, Associate, Avison Young

I specialize in retail leasing and sales as an Associate at Avison Young. Over the last 5 years I’ve had the privilege to work with both Landlords and Tenants on project leasing and strategic network planning. I’ve worked in and around the industry for nearly 10 years and I’m currently the sponsorship chair for CREW.

What originally drew you to CREW? Can you tell us about your path to being on the Board of Directors?

I started with CREW when I was working in an administrative role with a developer, at the time I was hired to assist with creating the newsletter which grew into a position as Edmonton CREW administrator. Through that role, I met a CREW director who was looking to fill a part time position at Avison Young. I took on the position, transitioned out of my role at CREW and quickly became a member instead. I knew that it was because of CREW that I had found what has really become a dream career for me and wanted to give back (and continue growing!) by joining the board as soon as I could!

What is the biggest benefit of CREW for you?

Outside of finding my actual role by my involvement with CREW, the biggest benefit of CREW is the support of the members. Having this great group of professional ladies always ready to support me was instrumental in giving my confidence enough to change careers knowing I had them as a safety net while I figured out my way.

What are your favourite aspects of your job? Can you share what motivates your success and drive?

I love the details, the research and the organization. I’m motivated by serving our clients well and know that keeping those details straight can make the difference in a deal completed or a deal lost. I find CRE fascinating (to the point that I’ve been banned from talking about it constantly at the dinner table) but it really is a puzzle that I’m always trying to solve.

Tell us about your best CREW memory to-date.

My best CREW memory to-date is likely the Schmoozes. Having such a powerful group of women in one room who are so welcoming and supportive is refreshing and energy giving. The industry is still so male dominated that spending those few hours together, especially when I was new to the space and uncertain, was a bit like a mini vacation.