Member Spotlight: Victoria Gereluk

October 28, 2020

Victoria Gereluk, BComm, Real Estate Manager, Fire & Flower

Future Leaders Committee Chair, Edmonton CREW

What is your favourite thing about working in Commercial Real Estate? 

The people in commercial real estate are absolutely incredible and what makes the industry so interesting and dynamic, so my favourite part is definitely the people. I have met some of my best friends through CRE, and have found to have been able to make the most meaningful and genuine connections.

I’ve been a member of Edmonton CREW since…


What are 3 reasons you would encourage a colleague to join CREW?

  • The connections & networking opportunities - the CREW events, even while online have been an easy way to stay connected, meet new people. It’s also an easy way to expand your business and fill your needs.
  • The events - they are such a fun way to be engaged and meet new people. There’s tons of different events to suit your fancy too - Wine Wednesdays, educational events, etc.
  • The broader CREW Network - this is an area that I’m just starting to real dive into but the CREW network is an incredible resource. Again, lots of educational resources, ways to reach out and network across cities, provinces/states & countries! Also, the leadership learning opportunities they provide are invaluable (I myself am excited to participate in the future!)

What is your best CREW memory to-date? 

I remember being at the AGM last year which happened to be my first, and I was a little bit nervous and didn’t feel super comfortable or confident. I had been to events, but not with this same volume of people, and I didn’t feel like I knew many people or like I wouldn’t be able to meet new people. However, I spent some time with a couple of people I knew and was able to meet their colleagues and friends. By the end of the night, I was at a table of new connections, talking about our lives and the struggles we face in CRE and how we all support each other through these issues. I definitely left that night feeling inspired, connected, and valued. I’m grateful I kept an open mind and stuck around despite feeling uncomfortable at first because it ended up being a great experience.

“I would like other CREW members to call me when…”

They want to talk cannabis!! It’s a fun industry and so challenging, so I love talking about my experiences and assisting others with it. I feel like as the industry becomes more normalized too, more people will work with cannabis businesses in one way or another and I’d love to talk about my experiences if it could help them. 

Otherwise, I’d love CREW members to call me and talk about places to eat or grab a cool cocktail or beer, and maybe go together to those places too!

How are you positively adapting to the work-from-home and or work/life challenges presenting by Covid-19 and self-isolation measures?

I’m staying connected with my work colleagues by doing weekly zoom social meetings so we can talk about our weeks and our lives which is helping me feel connected to the broader team. I also take frequent breaks and always work in my “office” that way I have a clear separation from personal life and work which isn’t always easy working from home. The biggest thing I’ve learned too is keeping a routine and keeping my life as normal as possible which we all know isn’t really normal anymore. I’m a very introspective person, so I’m always checking in with myself and seeing what I need that day to feel successful.