Member Spotlight: Stefanie Orsini

November 15, 2022

Stefanie Orsini, Senior Associate, Retail Division at Cushman & Wakefield Edmonton
I am a Senior Associate in the Retail Division at Cushman & Wakefield Edmonton. I have the pleasure of working with tenants and landlords, purchasers, and vendors for their Real Estate needs. I have been working at Cushman & Wakefield Edmonton for almost 8 years and in Commercial Real Estate for a total of 12 years.

When and how did you first get interested in the Commercial Real Estate Industry?
It was shortly after I had finished my Business Degree at the University of Alberta. 

I came into the CRE industry through doing my own research. At the time I did not know anyone in CRE and I did not have any previous experience, there were also very few resources that I was personally able to find.

I am so pleased to see that today there are a lot more resources and information available for those interested in learning more about this great industry, whether through the Real Estate courses offered at the University of Alberta or through the support of several amazing organizations such as Edmonton CREW all of which provides resources and support for those interested in learning more about CRE.

What was your path to where you are now?
I started out in CRE as an assistant where I got to experience the various disciplines and sectors; it was through this that I realized that I wanted to work in the Retail Division of CRE. Eventually, I became an associate and it wasn't until I came to Cushman & Wakefield Edmonton that I was able to fully realize that goal and excel in my career growth in this industry.
I truly love my job, the team and office I work within, and the community around it. I feel very fortunate to have chosen my career path in CRE.

If you were asked to give one piece of career advice to someone entering the commercial real estate sector, what would it be and how has this guidance helped your career?
I would say that everyone's journey and growth path through CRE is different and so remember that as you go through your journey to set goals for yourself, challenge yourself, meet a lot of people, and don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions or to ask for help.

Also, I would say to seek and use the supports that are out there and available to you especially as you enter the CRE sector. I found that surrounding myself with mentors and colleagues who have positively shaped my business has really helped guide and support my path and longevity throughout my CRE career.

How has CREW affected your professional career? Has it changed your business and personal relationships in the Commercial Real Estate Industry?
CREW has positively affected my professional career in many ways. I have been able to further my business and personal relationships in the CRE. I have met a lot of new industry professionals that I would not have been exposed to if I had not been part of Edmonton CREW. It has also helped me further develop my leadership skills and positively challenged me in my professional growth.

Within Edmonton CREW, everyone is super supportive and passionate about CRE and it is always so inspiring to surround yourself with positive people who genuinely want to help and see each other succeed.

Share the top reason(s) you would encourage a member of the Commercial Real Estate Industry to get involved with CREW:
The top reasons for me would be the people, the supportive environment, and the connections made.
Being a part of Edmonton CREW, I have got to meet and further network with new and existing industry professionals. I have been able to expand upon and utilize the resources that are provided through educational events and seminars and also through the collective knowledge of the members. There are also great resources within CREW to lean on if you ever have any questions or just need to connect with an industry member to share ideas.

BONUS: Share an interesting or little-known fact about yourself?
I love all genres of music and instruments. I have played classical piano for most of my life and it formed a large part of my childhood and early adulthood