Board Spotlight: Camille Lorieau

November 22, 2022

Camille Lorieau, Director of Leasing at Qualico Properties

My career in CRE started over 15 years ago with the Federal Government as a Tenant Representative. A big career move came in 2014 when I joined the Landlord side. I was terrified and my friends and family thought I was crazy to walk away from a government job! I knew I wanted something more. My gut told me to take a chance and 8 years later, it remains the best decision for both my career and personal growth. I am currently employed with Qualico Properties as the Director of Leasing and manage the retail and office portfolio in Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, and Vancouver. I currently serve as the Events Chair on the Edmonton CREW Board of Directors.

What was your path to joining CREW and what has been the biggest benefit of being a part of the organization?

I was looking to further expand my business network and build valuable connections; an industry colleague encouraged me to sign up and I finally did. Very quickly I came to regret not getting involved sooner! The biggest benefit of being part of the organization has been all the networking opportunities that have been presented over the last couple years - I've made such valuable connections and new friendships!

Why did you take your involvement in CREW to the next level?

It's been said so many times "you get out of CREW what you put into CREW." Serving on the Board of Directors not only provides me with board experience, it's given me the opportunity to make a contribution to the organization and work alongside incredible women whom I otherwise wouldn't have the chance to.

What are the elements of working in the Commercial Real Estate Industry that excite you the most?

My sense of joy and fulfillment comes from helping others and this industry is a people business. I truly enjoy cultivating new relationships and connecting people together. I want to help prospects find the right solution to their real estate needs, even if it isn’t within our portfolio. The creative aspect of my job also excites me - it's dynamic; every deal is different than the last and requires a lot of problem solving and resilience. Lastly, I love the collaboration of putting deals together with my team and seeing the final product of all our hard work. Tenants come to us with their real estate needs and we get to provide solutions; I love it!

Tell us about your greatest professional achievement to-date

The CCIM designation had been a goal of mine for several years - it's a tremendous amount of work
and requires a large time commitment. I started my first course in 2021, powered through, and happily
finished the last course in June!

How are members of CREW impacting the Commercial Real Estate network and elevating our

My experience with CREW is that its members are the biggest champions - we listen, mentor, advise
and elevate one another. I don't know of any other organization in this industry that provides this level
of value to its members - we have something very special with CREW. By partnering with CREW, the
industry can learn from a network of professionals and continue to educate the CRE industry and
enhance expertise through diverse perspectives.

Share one (or two) pieces of advice for how to build a successful career or achieve a challenging professional goal.

Don’t underestimate the power of relationships and continuous learning. No matter your specialty in this industry, commercial real estate is, and will always be, a people business. Listen well and keep your word. Trust in this industry is invaluable!

BONUS: What’s one thing — either industry-related or not — you learned in the last month?

My scope of work has recently been expanded to include our Vancouver retail and office assets. The new assignment means having to learn a whole new market for both asset classes, key stakeholders, legal nuances between Alberta and BC, permitting processes, and so much more. It is a market that is dynamic and poses many different challenges, presenting me with new opportunities for growth.