Sponsor Spotlight: York Realty

October 5, 2022

Sponsor Spotlight: York Realty

York Realty is privately held, family-owned business, which operates as an owner, manager, and developer in commercial real estate.  With more than 5 million square feet in Alberta, York Realty is unique because we own/manage what we lease/develop, which creates a relationship of shared interests with our tenants. We provide property solutions simplified.

What originally drew you to sponsor Edmonton CREW?

At York Realty, we are proud of our diversity and strive to empower our team members by giving them the tools and opportunities to grow within the CRE industry. We believe that diversity adds value to any industry, and because we share these values with CREW, we are proud to sponsor this valuable community.

How does your company support diversity in the CRE industry?

One of our most important values is creating an empowering environment where everyone is encouraged to offer solutions and take ownership. We are a nimble and responsive organization, which requires all team members to make impactful decisions. Much of our success is owed to our commitment to fostering a diverse pool of talent, where property solutions are met from various perspectives.