Member Spotlight: Bronwyn Scrivens

April 5, 2022

Bronwyn Scrivens, Associate Broker, Omada Commercial

Bronwyn is an Associate Broker at Omada Commercial where she works collaboratively with industrial businesses and building owners to guide them through the process of purchasing, leasing, or selling the most optimal industrial real estate in Alberta.  Bronwyn has been an industrial broker for the past 8 years, beginning her career with Cushman & Wakefield.

When and how did you first get interested in the Commercial Real Estate Industry?

I was fortunate to attend Cornell University for my undergraduate degree where they had a Real Estate Minor program.  I vaguely knew about commercial real estate from the ownership side, but it was through this education that I grew a stronger understanding of the industry’s opportunities and ultimately, my desire to be immersed in the commercial real estate field after I graduated in 2012.

What was your path to where you are now?

I think I would compare it to a hike in our beautiful Rocky Mountains.  There was a combination of flat roads, rolling hills, and treacherous scales!  Broad strokes, after graduating, I began working at Canadian Western Bank as a commercial real estate account manager, learned that I wanted a career that was more merit based and client facing, and so transitioned to Cushman & Wakefield as an Associate within the Industrial group.  After 5 years there, the opportunity to move to Omada Commercial, an elite local firm, presented itself, with a new goal of growing a high calibre Industrial Team.

If you were asked to give one piece of career advice to someone entering the commercial real estate sector, what would it be and how has this guidance helped your career?

A piece of advice I received when I was starting out in this career was: “Make the daily efforts so that when you walk into a room, people know your name” This may seem like a self-centered piece of advice, but for me, this has set the framework for how I maximize the value of my time.  It has encouraged me to be actively involved with many networking organizations, like CREW and NAIOP; it has encouraged me to create a personal brand and digital presence; and it has encouraged me to pick up the damn phone.  At the end of the day, all we have is our time, and it’s important to me to make sure that the efforts I am taking each day lead to value for my clients, my team, or my business.

How has CREW affected your professional career? Has it changed your business and personal relationships in the Commercial Real Estate Industry?

As an industrial real estate broker, I spend 99% of my business time with men, either as clients, peers, or competitors. Being a part of CREW has been a wonderful way to create long lasting relationships with some of the many kickass women in our commercial real estate industry.  What I’ve learned in my time with CREW, is that the women who are members of this organization are a force to be reckoned with.  They are some of the hardest workers, brightest minds and fiercest business people I’ve met – I can only hope this rubs off on me!

Share the top reasons you would encourage a member of the Commercial Real Estate Industry to get involved with CREW?

I believe that it is our duty as women and/or minorities to help encourage growth and opportunity for those coming after us into the industry, to make it a more diverse and welcoming ecosystem.  This is not in any way to take away from the highly talented and skilled members that currently work in the commercial real estate industry, but to assist with how we grow it in the decades to come.  Being a part of CREW surrounds you with women and men who are aligned in these goals, and who want to make the industry a better place for all.  I think that’s a pretty compelling reason!

As a bonus, Share an interesting or little known fact about yourself?

Not sure if this is interesting, or little-known, but in my spare time I enjoy playing beer league hockey and horseback riding (jumping) – a winning combo!  I also write a monthly commercial real estate blog and produce a weekly commercial real estate vlog!