Sponsor Spotlight:Bishop & McKenzie LLP

March 31, 2022

Sponsor Spotlight: Bishop & McKenzie LLP

The Commercial Real Estate Department of our law firm is recognized throughout the industry for the work we do with our longstanding clients, including developers, lenders and other investors.  We know that no real estate deal can be done without the cooperation and collaboration of all parties.  In taking this approach, we strive to truly build community. 

What originally drew you to sponsor Edmonton CREW?

From the inception of Edmonton CREW, we knew it offered an opportunity to help our women lawyers develop lasting relationships, engage their leadership skills, and build strong reputations in the local market.  Edmonton CREW has proven to be all of that and more!

Tell us about a project, program, or initiative that your company will be working on in 2022?

Patti Macdonald's "Word of the Year" is "Mentorship".  Her team is focusing on tooling up new lawyers and skill-building all of our team members to keep up with marketplace trends and best practices.