Member Spotlight: Jill Sheward

August 20, 2021

Jill Sheward, Partner, Swainson Miki Peskett LLP

I am a founding partner of Swainson Miki Peskett LLP, practicing commercial real estate. SMP is a business law firm, we can assist with your corporate, commercial, commercial litigation, employment, trademark, and estate needs. I have been fortunate to be in CRE for 15 years.

What originally drew you to CREW? Can you share with us a few things you have learned or gained since joining?

I heard about CREW when it was being formed and immediately wanted to join. There were so few women in CRE, it was nice to meet like-minded women. CREW has given me an amazing resource for business, friends, boosted my confidence, and raised my profile.

What are your favourite aspects of your job? Can you share what motivates your success and drive?

My favourite parts of my job are helping people and closing a deal.

What originally drew you to the CRE industry? What advice do you have for someone who is looking for, or is new to, a career in CRE?

My advice for someone new in CRE? Join CREW! The support, education, and friendship you will gain through this network is invaluable.

Our industry has seen a big shift with the ongoing pandemic. What tips do you have for staying connected to clients and colleagues at this time?

Pick up the phone! I have found many are suffering from "zoom fatigue". An old fashioned call checking in on clients, collegues, and friends has been appreciated.

Outside of work, what hobbies are you passionate about? How do you make sure you maintain time to enjoy them while balancing work and home life?

I am passionate about fresh air and movement - exploring our river valley in summer and cross-country skiing in winter. I block time in my calendar and schedule walks/skis with friends and family.