Leadership Spotlight: Camille Lorieau

June 22, 2021

Camille Lorieau, Director, Leasing, Qualico

My career in CRE started with the Federal Government where I represented Public Works and Government Services Canada on new and renewal leasehold projects in Alberta and the NWT. I made a big career move in 2014 when I joined the Landlord side. At the time, I was terrified. I had job security and my circle of friends and family thought I was nuts for leaving a government job! 7 years later, it remains the best decision for both my career and me personally.

I am currently employed with Qualico Commercial as the Director of Leasing and manage the retail and office portfolio in Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, and Red Deer. With CREW, I am the current Events Chair.

What originally drew you to CREW? Can you tell us about your path to being on the Board of Directors?

I was looking to further expand my business network and build valuable connections. As a new member, I joined the sponsorship committee and later, the awards committee. Personal growth is very important to me, and I am absolutely terrified of public speaking. The only way to grow is to do the things I am scared of; the prospect of serving on the Board presented an opportunity for me to work on that fear and develop my leadership skills.

What is the biggest benefit of CREW for you?

Volunteering with CREW has opened the door for expanding my network connections. It has presented me with the opportunity to work with other women in the industry who I may not have met professionally. I have met such incredible members!

What are your favourite aspects of your job? Can you share what motivates your success and drive?

There are a few elements. First and foremost, it is the people. I truly enjoy cultivating new relationships and connecting people together. I want to help prospects find the right solution, even if it is not within our portfolio. Second, I love the creative aspect of my job. It is so dynamic; every deal is different than the last and requires a lot of problem solving and resilience. I have had to learn to not get so attached to my deals. I love the collaboration of putting deals together with my team and seeing the final product of all our hard work. Prospects come to us with their real estate problems, and we get to solve them; I love it!

Tell us about your best CREW memory to-date.

The last time we met in person – Biera for the AGM!

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to join the CRE industry?

What are you waiting for?! The CRE industry is such a fun industry with many niches full of opportunities for a huge variety of skill sets and personalities. My advice is to be yourself and not underestimate yourself. Know your personal ‘secret sauce’ and do not be afraid to reach out to anyone and ask questions. Lastly, looking back I wish I had gotten more involved early on in my career. The industry is built on relationships and your network will be a tremendous asset as you build your career.

Since we’re all spending a little more time at home these days, can you share a favourite book, podcast, or show recommendation? Tell us what you love about it.

I love podcasts, which are perfect for walks or when I am cleaning the house. My top two podcasts are ‘The School of Greatness’ with Lewis Howes and ‘Unlocking Us’ with BrenĂ© Brown. For TV shows, I highly recommend Succession and Yellowstone (I just finished all 3 seasons in 2 weeks!).