Sponsor Spotlight: Swainson Miki Peskett

May 12, 2021

Sponsor Spotlight: Swainson Miki Peskett

Swainson Miki Peskett was founded by a team of lawyers who are passionate about providing exceptional legal services with a focus on our clients' goals. SMP's real estate group encompasses vast collective experience assisting clients in buying, selling, leasing, and financing real estate in all asset classes. We pride ourselves on being more than just lawyers, creating an advisory relationship with our clients than sees us involved in long term strategy, deal structures, and more. Our experience representing national institutional lenders, publicly traded corporations, and a number of mid-sized and small businesses allows us to partner with businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profit organizations of all sizes in every industry.

What originally drew you to sponsor Edmonton CREW?

While Swainson Miki Peskett is fairly new, our team of lawyers is not. SMP lawyers have been supporting CREW for years, with our own Jill Sheward previously serving as President of Edmonton CREW. CREW is a prominent example of what can happen when like-minded people in an industry work together to promote ideas and encourage mentorship, collaboration, and innovation within that industry. Swainson Miki Peskett's CRE practitioners know the challenges women face in this industry and are extremely fortunate to be able to support CREW and their efforts to combat these challenges, provide meaningful opportunities and encourage diversity and inclusion within the CRE industry.

How does your company support diversity in the CRE industry?

Diversity and inclusion are two of the pillars we have built this firm upon. Since the firm opened in August 2020, almost 70% of our new lawyers/students have been women, bringing our percentage of female lawyers over the national average. Long term, our goal is for the male/female ratio amongst our lawyers to be no more than 55/45 on either side, better representing the greater population. Promoting a work life balance, we offer full maternity and paternity leave for all lawyers and staff. We are also starting to ramp up our internal DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) training - earlier this year every member of our team was tasked with completing the GBA+ certification program offered by the federal government.