Member Spotlight: Nandini Ramachandran

March 17, 2021

Nandini Ramachandran, Director, Marketing, KV Capital

I’ve been in the CRE industry for over 10 years now, helping companies grow their reach with various marketing initiatives. I’m currently the Director, Marketing at KV Capital; I oversee all marketing related activities for the company. 

What originally drew you to CREW? Can you share with us a few things you have learned or gained since joining?

I really enjoyed the idea of women helping women. With the industry, historically being so male driven, it’s nice to see women rising to the top.

What are your favourite aspects of your job? Can you share what motivates your success and drive?

I love seeing when a campaign is successful and you can see tangible results from execution of an idea. When a major transaction gets completed, or there is chatter about how great an event was. Those are the driving factors in wanting to continue to push forward.

What originally drew you to the CRE industry? What advice do you have for someone who is looking for, or is new to, a career in CRE?

How I joined the CRE industry post-graduation is a happy coincidence. The company I started my career at was hiring a Marketing Assistant, I applied and got the position. The rest as they say is history. The reason I’ve stayed in the industry, is due to great relationships, exciting projects and watching a city grow. Being able to look back at certain projects and saying “I helped with that” is a great feeling. For someone wanting to join the CRE industry, I would say be ready for late nights and a lot of hard work. But it’s all worth it in the end. If it’s something you love.

Our industry has seen a big shift with the ongoing pandemic. What tips do you have for staying connected to clients and colleagues at this time?

A lot of facetime/zoom meetings, as cumbersome and annoying as they are; it is the only way to keep in touch with people these days.

What is the best piece of career or life advice you have received?

What we do isn’t life or death, don’t let the little things stress you out.

Outside of work, what hobbies are you passionate about? How do you make sure you maintain time to enjoy them while balancing work and home life?

I enjoy traveling (pre-pandemic); reading; hanging out with my puppy; watching sports with my husband. How to balance work and home life, for me comes down to one principle and that is priority.