Board Member Spotlight: Karrone Young

June 11, 2020


What is your favourite thing about working in the Commercial Real Estate industry?

One of my favourite things about Commercial Real Estate is how it connects so many different industries together under one umbrella. Through the wider industry I have had the opportunity to meet people from so many different backgrounds and with such varied experience. Take me for example: you don’t necessarily think Graphic Design when you think Commercial Real Estate. CRE has so many facets, and after years in the industry I love that there’s still so much to learn. 

How has CREW brought value to you in your career?

CREW has provided me with my first board position, something I was actively looking for to augment my career growth. In the short time I’ve been involved I have already had the opportunity to connect with other board members and members at large who have contributed to my development.

What are 3 reasons you would encourage a colleague to join CREW?

Networking – CREW provides many opportunities to network in ways that feel much more natural to me than participating in traditional networking meetings and mixers. Believe me, when I was a small business owner, I tried many of them! I love the focused education events and I especially appreciate how CREW chapters have pivoted to create a strong online community during the pandemic. 

Camaraderie – CREW members are so open and welcoming, I felt like a part of the gang right off the bat! Not only did I gain many professional contacts, I have also started to form new friendships.

Leadership and Growth – Board experience, education opportunities, public speaking, and leadership roles are all a part of what CREW offers to augment my primary career experience. At the end of the day I truly feel these experiences combined with the exposure to so many intelligent, driven, experienced women will go a long way to helping me grow in my career and my personal life.

What is your best CREW memory to-date?

I’m a fairly new addition to the CREW community, so the majority of my experiences have been during the pandemic; however, some of my fondest memories are from our Virtual Wine Wednesdays. It really highlighted the bond between CREW members and provided me with something to look forward to when everything else was feeling really uncertain. Plus, I got to learn more about one of my favourite topics (wine!) and get to know some of the CREW members I hadn’t had the chance to meet in person yet.

Share an interesting or little-known fact about yourself.

I grew up in a household with a ton of different influences. My Mom was very musical, so I took voice lessons, piano lessons, and played the guitar, violin, and clarinet. I danced 6 nights a week into my late teens. I would draw, paint, and sew with my Mom in the evenings. But as an only child I also spent a lot of one-on-one time with my Dad (an engineer by training) in the garage building planter boxes and birdhouses, changing tires, and learning how to maintain my own car. I think this is why I ultimately fell into Graphic Design – where form meets function. It took me a while to figure out (that’s another story) but when I landed in the university program I immediately felt right at home.

How are you positively adapting to the work-from-home and or work/life challenges presenting by COVID-19 and self-isolation measures?

I owned my own business and worked from home for nearly 4 years, so the work-from-home life is not totally new to me. One of the reasons I ultimately decided to transition back to the traditional workplace was that I was really missing the social interaction an office brings. It seems that Covid-19 has almost given me the best of both worlds – I have the flexibility of working from home with the support and interaction of my team. At this point in time we don’t have any pets or kiddos at home, so my husband and I have fortunately been able to transition to working from home relatively easily. Personally, I’ve placed a lot of focus on the things I can control as it helps to prevent me from getting overwhelmed with those I can’t; I’m making lots of healthy new recipes, I’ve upped my sourdough game significantly, and I’m making sure to get as much exercise as I can each day.