Board Member Spotlight: Sharon Ohayon

April 23, 2020

Past President

How has CREW brought value to your career?

I’ve been fortunate to have received several commercial real estate transactions and leasing file referrals through CREW. However, the value of CREW goes far beyond business referrals: I have become a better lawyer because of the education programming put on by Edmonton CREW; I have become a better leader because of the leadership opportunities I’ve had with Edmonton CREW; and I have a strong group of women who have my back whenever I’m in need on mentorship or support. Finally, I have been inspired and motivated by the women I’ve met in Edmonton CREW, which has in turn pushed me to stretch my capabilities.

What is your favourite thing about working in commercial real estate?

I love the tangibility of commercial real estate – every building, every parcel has a story.  Each day in CRE brings something new, a new challenge, an opportunity to be creative, a chance to solve a problem.

What is your favourite CREW memory to date?

My favourite memories of CREW centre around the conventions and summits I have attended. In particular, the first CREW Network convention I attended in Seattle in 2015. At the time, I hadn’t been a CREW member for long, but I decided to go to Seattle in advance of Convention with 10 other Edmonton CREW members (when I got to the airport I realized I didn’t even know most of their names). We spent 4 days together in a giant farmhouse and it was a blast: we went deep sea fishing for salmon, made it onto the jumbotron at a Seattle Mariners game, and played an epic game of charades (like a violin!).

How has work changed for you over the past month?

The commute to my office has been noticeably reduced, I haven’t had to dry-clean anything in weeks, and I am starting to forget what handshakes feel like, but fortunately the transition to working remotely was fairly painless (and a lot more Zoom-y). That having been said, there have been more questions about force majeure clauses in the last month than in the prior 10 years combined.

Share an interesting or little-known fact about yourself

When I was in grade 11, I joined my high school’s curling team (singular – my high school had one single mixed curling team). I discovered that throwing rocks and things brings me joy, and I have curling with the same skip ever since. To clarify, length of time curling does not equate to skill level at curling, and my curling team curls in a very laid-back Sunday evening beer league. This year our team purchased matching kilts so we could win the spirit award for the league (if one is ever introduced).