Member Spotlight: Trina Larsen

February 26, 2020
Trina Larsen P.Eng., MSc, LEED AP+BD&C, Principal, Larsen Engineering

What is your favourite thing about working in the Commercial Real Estate industry?

Commercial Real Estate is ever-changing. The design requirements and theories expand and evolve from project to project. I am particularly interested in the growing influence and understanding of WELL / FITWell, for employee health and wellness in the workplace, and LEED for the building's place on the planet.

In what year did you join Edmonton CREW?


Do you serve on any committees for Edmonton CREW? If yes, please tell us which one and what your role is there.

Education and Events - Committee Member

What are 3 reasons you would encourage a colleague to join CREW?
  1. You will meet interesting and engaging people;
  2. You will expand your network within the business world;
  3. The networking events are a lot of fun.
What is your best CREW memory to-date?
Thus far, I'd say it was the 2019/2020 AGM, when Hilary Lumme, Melanie Ducholke, and Marg Sebzda spoke of their experiences in the industry. It was a truly engaging evening, and was fascinating to hear how each of their careers grew and developed.

Finish this sentence: “I would like other CREW members to call me when…”

I'm an electrical engineer who enjoys the design side of the business as much as the technical side.... (though I'll geek out given the chance!) So, I would like other CREW members to call me when they have a building/space/client that needs electrical design work: whether it's a feature area for lighting, a quirky power requirement, looking for a WELL or FITWell space, or sustainable design elements... or simply needing to understand how some of these elements would enhance their space or building.