Board Member Spotlight: Jenna Weinkauf

August 29, 2019

Director - Professional Development

How has CREW brought value to you and your career?

I find it inspiring to see the level of talent and passion in the Edmonton Real Estate community. Each event is full of mentors, colleagues, clients, and contacts, all willing to promote and support each other. 

How did you get into the Commercial Real Estate Industry? What is one thing you love about it?

I had a very engaging mentor while articling and his passion for the industry was contagious. I love how tangible the work is – you can walk by a site that you’ve been working on for years and see the impact that your work has had.

What is your favourite place in Edmonton?

Our river valley is hard to beat!

What is your favourite activity to do outside of work?

I enjoy working my way through cookbooks, trying each recipe to learn new techniques and new combinations of flavours and textures.