Board Member Spotlight: Laura Way-Olenek

July 25, 2019

Director - Programs

How has CREW brought value to your career?
CREW has afforded me the opportunity to broaden my business network and make new business and personal connections. CREW has helped me grow on both a personal and a business level, giving me more assurance in my role as a business leader.

How did you get into the Commercial Real Estate Industry?

After completing my degree in hospitality, I was eager to join the RMS Group of Companies where I could provide services as a Developer, Builder and Asset/Property Manager. My experience in hospitality gave me an edge in the industry, by being able to provide an inclusive customer service orientated experience.

What do you most enjoy doing in your downtime?

My down time is spent with my children and family. I love when we can escape to our “mountain house” to relax, which typically involves hiking and fishing. My passion is cooking, I love to experiment with different culinary fare and indulge in rich flavorful food palates. I treat my creative mind occasionally with some watercolor painting, or good - old paint by number!

If you could live anywhere on this planet and take everything that you love with you, where would you choose to live?

The mountains, my “mountain house”. I love the mountains…