Board Member Spotlight: Alison McGavigan

May 29, 2019

Past President

How has CREW brought value to you and your career?

By allowing me to develop meaningful relationships with a wonderful group of women. Being a part of CREW has definitely increased my confidence and allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and take professional risks that I might not have done if I didn’t have the backing of such a supportive group.

How did you get into the Commercial Real Estate Industry? What is one thing you love about it?

I started as a receptionist for a real estate brokerage firm the summer between my second and third years of my undergraduate degree. Didn’t really plan to be here twelve years later, but here I am! I love that no day is ever the same and I love working with various clients on all their different projects.  I find valuing property is a puzzle that needs to be solved (and I also love puzzles).

What is your favourite place in Edmonton?

My favourite place right now is my rooftop patio. It’s a great place to unwind and I’ll never get sick of the view of the downtown skyline. But ask me again when it isn’t +29 outside.

What is your favourite activity to do outside of work?

My absolute favourite thing to do is to travel and experience new cultures. In town, my favourite activities (in no particular order) are reading, working out, eating delicious food, and drinking delicious drinks.